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Since, 2005, I've personally produced well over 3,600 of my very own podcast episodes and I have helped thousands of podcasters through one on one consulting and my Podcasting A to Z Coaching Course.

After years of answering the same questions over and over and teaching people how to do exact same thing week after week, it occurred to me that I should create in-depth tutorials that would contain all the in-depth information that I share in my training sessions which would allow for the added benefit of re-watching the training material as often as desired, all at a fraction of what it would cost to hire me one-on-one to provide the same information.

I encourage you browse through the list of training materials below to see if there is a tutorial that will help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

Equipment Options For Any Budget & Audio Mixer Basics
Equipment Options For Any Budget
& Audio Mixer Basics

Only $100

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Two tutorials for the price of one!

Equipment Options For Any Budget was created to help you make educated decisions about the right equipment to meet your specific needs. With this tutorial, you'll get the right equipment, the first time. You'll also learn the basics of how to hook up the various pieces of podcast gear.

Audio Mixer Basics is a tutorial that will help you understand the basic concepts of the most common audio mixers used in podcasting. It's a tutorial that will finally help you make sense of all those buttons and knobs.



Podcaster's Guide To Recording Co-Hosts, Guests & Podcast Interviews
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This tutorial was created for those who are planning to produce a podcast with a regular co-host or those who are looking to include podcast interviews as a part of the format for their show. Whether the other person is in the studio with you or if you need to connect to someone in a remote location, this tutorial will explain several recording options that are available to you.

Things covered in this tutorial:

  • What is the difference between a Co-Host, a Guest and an Interviewee?
  • What are the different audio quality levels that are acceptable coming from each of these people that we may bring into our show?
  • Recording in the same studio – Equipment setup options for doing so.
  • Tips for recording in studio.
  • ISDN Audio Codec. What is it and who would use it?
  • Skype To Skype Connections – Tips for getting the best quality from Skype.
  • What equipment are the equipment options for the person on the other end of Skype need?
  • Skype to Telephone Connections.
  • Recording Skype Calls On Your Computer.
  • Equipment options for you if you are recording Skype calls into software on your computer.
  • Recording everything, including Skype, into your digital audio recorder.
  • What is a MixMinus and how does it work?
  • What is a Digital Hybrid (Telephone Interface) and when might you need it?
  • What is a Double Ender and how does it work?
  • The free Telephone conference call recording option.
  • In the field recording and interviews.

    Roland R-05 Tutorial
    Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder Tutorial
    Only $50

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    I've recorded well over 3,500 of my own podcast episodes onto a Roland digital audio recorder. I have never had an issue with my audio levels and I've never lost any recordings due to crashed software.

    This tutorial is designed to walk you through everything you need to know about the Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder. I walk you, step by step, through each button on the recorder and through each of the menu settings as I explain how I am able to use this recorder to get perfect audio levels 100% of the time.

    Note: This tutorial now includes a bonus video tutorial that demonstrates six different options for doing interviews out in the field with the Roland recorder.



    Behringer MDX-4600 Setup Tutorial
    Only $50.00

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    The Behringer MDX-4600 Compressor/Limiter/Gate is the only piece of equipment that I did not put to immediate use. I was immediately overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to set this unit properly. As someone who hates to read owner's manuals, I simply allowed this to sit and gather dust for months.

    When I finally learned how this one piece of equipment could eliminate the ambient background noise in my recording when I'm not talking, as well as make my voice sound a little more “powerful,” I decided I would finally dig in and figure this thing out. After a few hours of reading the description of every function of the unit and how every knob and button on the device affected the audio signal, I finally found the perfect settings that allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do with this unit.

    While there are many other Compressor/Limiter/Gate options out there. This is the only one that I've taken the time to learn how to set up. As a result, many of my clients end up purchasing this exact unit just so they can copy the wiring setup as well as all my knob and button settings. Now, instead of hiring me for an hour of consulting to help you set this up, you can simply buy this video tutorial that I put together that walks you through the entire setup process.



    Adobe Audition 101 Tutorial
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    Adobe Audition is, by far, my favorite piece of podcasting software that I use on my computer. This tutorial was created with those who have never used audio editing software before. However, this tutorial will also be helpful to those who are simply transitioning from another audio editing software solution to Audition.

    This is the program I use to do all my audio editing. There are a few features that this software has that is found in no other alternative software. Also, there is a certain “process” that you can run on your audio files that turns your recordings into something that sounds like they come from the best of radio broadcasting stations. In this video training product, I walk you through EVERYTHING you would need to know as a podcaster and even share my “Secret Sauce” for the settings of the “Multi-Band Compressor.” This course will take what appears to be a very intimidating software and make it as easy to use as a Fisher Price child's toy.



    Audacity 101 Tutorial
    Only $100.00

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    Audacity is a wonderful audio editing solution for those who are looking for a free software solution. I, personally, got my start in podcasting using Audacity. While, I have since upgraded to using Adobe Audition, and prefer it, many podcasters today still find that Audacity allows them to do everything that they require without having to pay a monthly fee to use the software.

    This tutorial was created for those who have never used audio editing software before. However, this tutorial will also be helpful to those who are simply transitioning from another audio editing software solution to Audacity.


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