My great friend, Pat Flynn, and I had the awesome privilege of speaking at BlogWorld Expo LA. What could have turned into a disaster for many speakers actually worked in Pat's favor because of how he responded to the situation.

Imagine spending hours on your presentation, carefully choosing the perfect fonts, colors, and sizes for each and every aspect of your presentation slides, only to have it all jumbled up and not even displaying half of the content on the screen behind you. This is what happend to Pat.

What is most important is what Pat DID NOT DO. Pat did not lose his cool. Pat did not attempt to place blame on the staff. Instead, Pat was wise to make light of the situation, to use it to his advantage for a few minutes, and for the rest of his presentation, even though 80% of his slides were completely messed up, he spoke as if nothing was wrong.

Pat did an amazing job. If I ever run into a situation where this happens to me, I hope that I can play it off half as cool as he did. Check out the video below.

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